How To Join ITANA

ITANA is supported by both EDUCAUSE and Internet2.

The EDUCAUSE Constituent Group provides an email list and an annual meeting at the EDUCAUSE annual conference. The mailing list is open to the public. To join this list, go here: . Participation in EDUCAUSE Constituent Group is governed by the Constituent Group Participation Guidelines

Internet2 provides a phone bridge, wiki space, flywheel and other support for “working group” activities. If you wish to participate in these activities, request an account on this wiki located at The Internet2 supported activities are open to individuals in “architectural” positions either inside of higher education or outside of higher education in an area focused on serving higher ed. Participation in the Internet2 supported activities is at the discretion of the Chair of ITANA. Participation in the Internet2 supported activities is also governed by the Internet2 Terms Of Use

You can also follow on a variety of social media including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  See the sidebar for links to these services.

Growth of ITANA may cause us to divide the activities to best utilize the resources and the time of the participants. The structure may change over time.

NOTE WELL: All ITANA activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework. Participation in ITANA is separate and distinct from membership in Internet2 and EDUCAUSE.


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