Face2Face 2012 at EDUCAUSE.  Denver, CO.

November 6.  8AM to 4PM.

Higher Education faces a host of disruptive forces – the most ever seen in our history. Join us for the ITANA Face2Face 2012 where we will discuss disruptive changes that are impacting higher education, the architects’ role in leading through those changes, communication tools, case studies and governance.

You can register here  (Preconference Seminar SEM06F):  http://www.educause.edu/annual-conference/register-now

Agenda for the day:

  • Disruptive Change in Higher Education
  • The Architect’s Role in Leading Through Disruptive Change
  • Break-Out Session 1: Brainstorming About Disruptive Change
  • Guest Speakers: CIO’s Perspective on Enterprise Architecture
    • Shel Waggener, Senior Vice President, Internet2
    • Laura Patterson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, University of Michigan
  • Communication and Analysis Tools for Architects
  • Governance as a Tool for Architects
  • Break-Out Session 2: Governance, Communication and Your Institution
  • Architecture Case Studies
  • Break-Out 3: Your Takeaways and Future Work
  • Future ITANA activities

Other ITANA Activities at EDUCAUSE 2012

Day Time Event
Tuesday, November 6 8 am to 4 pm ITANA Face2Face Session on Disruptive Change and Enterprise Architecture
See below for program and registration information
Wednesday, November 7 2:30 to 3:20 pm ITANA Learning Theater Spotlight: What the heck is Enterprise Architecture (EA) and why should I care?
At the EDUCAUSE booth in the exhibit hall
Thursday, November 8 1:30 to 2:20 pm ITANA Discussion Session in meeting room 404
Thursday, November 8 2:40 to 6:30 pm ITANA (un)Conference in meeting room 712



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