Face2Face 2012 and (un)Conference 2012

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The registration for the Face2Face 2012 meeting is now open.

Theme:  Disruptive Change in HE – Why Architecture Matters or Disruption meets Reality – What you should do about it

Registration for the Face2Face 2012 is now open at the EDUCAUSE site.  The registration is separate from the main conference registration.  The Face2Face 2012 meeting is a full day pre-conference meeting.

The agenda build is going on now and you can follow along on the ITANA Wiki page for the Face2Face 2012 meeting.

The broad sketch for the day looks something like this:
(disclaimer – this is a rough draft of the broad topics in the agenda rolled up quickly by me this morning to give you a flavor of what we are thinking about.  It is a full day of presentation and group work)

  • Disruption in Higher Education – the forces at play
    • CIO’s view on EA and Change Management – Laura Patterson, CIO of University of Michigan perspective
    • Internet2 view NET+ and Shared Services – Shel Waggener, Senior Vice President Internet2
    • Breakout / table work on these themes
  • Architect’s leadership role
  • Case Studies on “How you get architecture done”
    • Sample tools,
    • Governance
  • Applied Architecture
    • Case Studies – real examples of this working in the real world
    • Exercises in personal landscape scanning and planning a response and feedback from the group
  • Future Work
    • What have you learned, what will you apply
    • Where else would you like to engage with other members
    • Agenda build for the (un)Conference 2012 (which also be held at EDUCAUSE)

 (un)Conference 2012

Following the full-day Face2Face 2012 meeting, we are working on organizing a half-day (un)Conference to carry the topics from the Face2Face forward.  This will be a deep dive into the topics generated at the Face2Face 2012.   We are currently working with EDUCAUSE to arrange this meeting.  Stay tuned for more info.

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