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Next Tuesday (3/13), at 11 am EST, we’ll have the first meeting of our New To Higher Ed ITANA Sub-group. We’re going to use Google Hangout for the meeting. Chris Eagle of University of Michigan is chairing this group. Before this first meeting, you should drop him an email(before mid-day Monday, preferably). He will need to invite you into the hangout.

If you have any specific examples of collaborative vs directive approach that you think would be good case studies to discuss, please pass them on to me!

Before the Meeting:

You should try to have Google Hangout working before the meeting. Steps to take:

  1. Sign up to Google Plus. You need a gmail account and then go to to sign up.
  2. Add Chris Eagle (at umich) to one of your circles. I’ll be notified and I’ll add you back. You should also add the ITANA Page and Jim Phelps ( the chair of ITANA to your circles so we can invite you into future hangouts.
  3. Try out Google Hangout before the meeting if you can. You’ll need a microphone and a webcam. Feel free to contact Chris anytime if you’d like to try a hangout beforehand.

If you want to learn more, you can watch Google videos on Google+ and Hangouts here:

At the Meeting Time:

  1. Log into Google+ and watch for an invite to join the hangout
  2. When the invite comes, click “join hangout”.

The general goals of the group are:

  1. Networking. Get to know other people in ITANA who are new to higher-ed.
  2. Discussion of ITANA-type topics that are especially relevant to people new to higher-ed. The goal is to have a mix of new-to-higher-ed people and not-new-to-higher-ed people on the call so we can get different viewpoints on the topics discussed.

A final agenda will go to the ITANA listserv on Monday. My expectations are that it’ll look something like:
1) Introductions.
2) Discussion: Using a collaborative approach vs. a more directive approach. What is different between higher ed and private industry?
3) New-to-Higher-ed sub-group input. I have a number of questions to ask the group, such as meeting cadence, topics, whether gHangout is a good technology for the meeting, etc.

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