ITANA Capability Map Walkthrough Part 3

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We created a Capability Map for ITANA during the ITANA Rebranding 2012 exercise.  This is the third part of the walk-through of the capability map.   This part covers the Support Capabilities.   The final two parts of the series will cover the Community Facing Capabilities and Lessons Learned from Capability Mapping. Parts 1 and 2:  ITANA’s Strategic Capabilities and Service Capabilities.

Supporting Capabilities

ITANA Support Capabilities

The supporting capabilities describe the services that ITANA uses to run the organization.  These are the back-office capabilities.  They are the basic functions that are needed to hold meetings, capture and manage content and maintain the membership and relationships to other organziations.

Scheduling includes everything from bi-weekly conference calls to Face2Face meetings.  It includes arranging phone bridge times, social media meet-ups and hangouts.  It covers events that include the whole ITANA membership (like the Face2Face meetings) and work-group activities.  Scheduling may be done centrally or by individual teams.

Content Management
ITANA creates content in a variety of tools: website, wiki, email lists, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and more formal content like presentations and publications.   Content Management keeps the content organized in each site and helps with the flow of content across the sites.

Content is created in a variety of ways for ITANA.  There are minutes from bi-weekly calls, notes captured during Screen2Screen session and Face2Face notes and action items.  Capture will expand to include lecture-capture type activities of on-line courses or local events.

Relationship Management

ITANA must maintain a variety of relationships.  We maintain a tight relationship to our sponsors, EDUCAUSE and Internet2.  We need to manage the membership across multiple platforms.  Finally, we manage relationships to vendors, other organizations and institutions.

Check back tomorrow for Part 4.   Parts 1 and 2:  ITANA’s Strategic Capabilities and Service Capabilities.

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