ITANA Capability Map Walkthrough Part 2

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We created a Capability Map for ITANA during the ITANA Rebranding 2012 exercise.  This is the second part of the walk-through of the capability map.  The first part covered ITANA’s Strategic Capabilities.  This part covers the Service Capabilities.

Service Capabilities

ITANA's Service Capabilities

The service capabilities describe the services ITANA delivers to the community.  These are the methods that we ITANA uses to meet the Strategic Capabilities and to support the Community Facing Capabiliteis.


This capability is the basis for all of ITANA’s work.  We are collaboration organization.  Collaboration is at the heart of all of our goals.  To that end, ITANA supports a suite of collaboration tools: email lists, wiki space, conference calls, Screen2Screen sessions and Face2Face meetings.  We work to build cross-institutional collaborative working groups for various topics of interest.   All of ITANA’s efforts are collaborations.

Content Creation

ITANA’s main delivery method is through content creation.  We create wiki pages and presentations.  In the coming year, look for more formalized content creation processes.  Our ability to create meaningful content will be the core of supporting Outreach, Knowledge Transfer and Practice Development.  We will also look at delivering a variety of types of content including more formal publications, lecture capture and webinars.


Instruction is a newly formalized capability for ITANA.  Previously, instruction had been ad hoc and informal.  Going forward, more formalized short tutorials, on-line courses and possibly Face2Face courses will be an important part of our strategy.  If we are going to support Knowledge Transfer fully, we will need to begin more instructional activities.  Instruction will also be important for the mentoring and peer-group building part of the Community Building Capability.


ITANA has always had a role in bringing architects together and helping them find peers across higher education.  We will continue to deliver this capability.  Over the next year, will focus on formalizing peer-groups (e.g. “New To Higher Education” and “New Architects”) and building mentoring relationships.

Check back tomorrow for Part 3.  Part 1: ITANA Capability Map Walkthrough Part 1

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