New to ITANA? Lurker on the list?


Several people are new to ITANA and many of your are lurkers on the email list. Below is a quick FAQ on participating in ITANA.

Q: I want to get involved but don’t know where to start.

You can join the calls every-other week. They are open to all members. I send out the phone bridge information and the Adobe Connect session information prior to each call. Join in. We don’t bite.

Q: We haven’t solved ______ so I shouldn’t join in because all of you are much farther along than us.

That is what this group is all about. Some are a little farther along in some areas, most of us are stuck in more than one spot. By sharing our stories, our success, our frustrations our failures; we can learn from each other. I got great ideas when I took my “So now I have a Core Diagram, what do I do” question to the list. I was stuck. The hive mind brainstormed and now I have a way forward.

Q: I don’t know the answer but I have some thoughts, should I answer the email questions?

Yes. This is how we will help each other. If you have a minute, help your colleagues out. Put your answers and ideas out to the list. I believe in the bazaar.

Q: I don’t know how to get on the agenda for the calls?

I’ll send a call for agenda items each week. You can also send an email at any point in time to the list or to me. If it is a last minute thing, I ask for “Agenda Bash” items at the beginning of each call.

Q: What other ways are their to get involved?

There is a Face2Face meeting this year at EDUCAUSE along with two other EDUCAUSE sessions. The registration for the ITANA Face2Face 2011 is now open. You can register at There will also be an ITANA CG Lounge Discusion/Meet-Up Wednesday 2:30 to 3:20 PM and the ITANA CG Discussion Session 9:00AM to 9:50AM.

Q: Any thing else?

We also do Screen2Screen session on bigger topics. Watch the email list for dates and times. This are usually 60 to 90 minute long presentations on a given topic.

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