Face2Face 2010 Planning Begins

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If we had a Face2Face, would you come? Would you present? Where you would like it to be? You’ll get a chance to answer these and many other questions in an upcoming survey. We are starting the Face2Face planning by developing a set of questions for a survey of the members. Two working group calls are scheduled for the week of February 1, 2010. We will report out at the February 4th ITANA Conference Call.

  • Question 1: What is our goal for having a face-to-face meeting? Networking? Producing one or more work products? Forming one or more subgroups tasked to produce some product?
  • Related question: What would a successful face-to-face meeting look like? How many people would have attended? What would the interactions be like?
  • Question 2: Do we want to pick some reasonable (where we define reasonable) set of topics for a face-to-face meeting? If so, what? Alternatively, do we want to poll the ITANA list for topics of interest, make a call for presentations?
  • Question 3: How many days? 1? 1.5? 2? …
  • Question 4: Where and when? Should it be co-located with some other event a large number of us are likely to attend? Again, should we be polling the list for suggestions or just drawing on our considerable knowledge?

You can track the planning here:


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