ITANA at EDUCAUSE 2009 in Denver

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Hi All

Here is the link to the ITANA session at EDUCAUSE in Denver.

Day: Thursday, Nov 5th
Time: 12:45PM – 2:15PM
Location: Meeting Room 608

Agenda (open to change):

  • ITANA intro (who we are, why we are, how to join)
    • Outline ITANA goals and point people at wiki
    • Define Enterprise Architecture, I.T. Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture
    • Provide specific information about what ITANA is doing/has done (data admin, workflow, enterprise architecture, and so forth)
    • Current “Future Topics” list
  • Report out on workflow
  • Gather information about what ITANA plans for the future
  • Open discussion with participants re: what they are working on, in terms of architecture

Hope to see you there.


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