Enterprise Workflow – research topic announcement


The ITANA membership has identified Enterprise Workflow as a research topic. This topic was also brought up as a follow-on activity at the June, 2009 CAMP meeting. Members from the CAMP workflow group have been invited to work with ITANA on the topic.

ITANA has identified the following activities as part of the research topic:

  • Provide overviews of workflow systems included with products like the Sun access management system.
  • Develop applicable definitions (what do we mean by workflow?)
  • Define use cases to illustrate the range of problems that we’re trying to solve.
  • Develop case studies
  • Compile a survey of tools
  • Adapt information from well-known workflow sites to higher education (the workflow management coalition site is http://www.wfmc.org

Join the conference calls and share your experience, case study or learn about Enterprise Workflow in higher education.

Conference Call Agenda and Schedule
How to Join ITANA

Jim Phelps, Chair

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