ITANA Screen2Screen: Kuali on Campus


Date: May 28, 2009
Time: 1:30PM to 3:00PM Eastern Daylight Time
Agenda Part 1 is a presentation and discussion, Part 2 is a working session on the topic.
How to Join: See the instructions below.

Topic: Kuali on Campus, David Walker, UC-Davis


  • David Walker,IT Architect, University of California, Davis
  • Erik Westfall, Indiana University, Kuali Rice Project Manager and Lead Architect
  • Curtis Bray, Middleware Architect, IET Application Development, UC Davis

Over the past few years, the Kuali Foundation has become a major force in the creation of community source administrative software for use in higher education. Work is in progress on a growing list of applications, including Kuali Financial System, Kuali Student, and Kuali Coeus (research administration). These applications are being designed to utilize a common middleware layer, Kuali Rice, which provides a service bus, workflow, access to identity management, notification, and presentation services. This session will provide a brief introduction to Kuali Rice, followed by a discussion of the issues surrounding the use of Rice as an enterprise middleware infrastructure, supporting applications beyond those developed by the Kuali Foundation.

University of California: Assessment of Kuali Rice for Single and Multiple Campus Applications

David Walker, University of California, Davis

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