ITANA Face2Face Spring 2009

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NOTE: The registration deadline has been extended to March 20th, 2009.

Registration is now open. Cut-off date is March 20th. We need 30 people registered by the 16th or we will cancel the meeting.

Come to the ITANA Spring Face2Face in Arlington, Virginia Wednesday, April 29th and Thursday the 30th. The ITANA Spring Face2Face is a chance to meet-up with your peers, learn about what is happening in other institutions and work together on topics of interest. Sign-up to get feedback from your peers during a 5/10 Feedback session (5 minutes to present, 10 minutes to get feedback).


Registration is now open. There is aa registration fee ($235) for this meeting. See the registration site for details.

Agenda: Note: session details will be published early in March, 2009.

Wednesday, April 29th

  • Social Gathering – 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Thursday, April 30th

The full agenda is here:


  • Enterprise Authorization
  • Kuali on Campus
  • SOA and Interoperability
  • 5/10 Feedback Sessions

Working Group Report Outs

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