Data Management – Focus Area for ITANA


Data Management
With collaborative research taking place everywhere how do we classify the research data, protect it while the research is going on and then enable everyone to see after the research is published? How do we collaborate with the libraries on this one? How do we arrive at data management policies that cut across the whole institution? What are some of the examples of institutions doing it successfully today?

To try to better understand the current state of data management among higher ed institutions, a survey will be conducted to assess the level of maturity in areas that are critical to a data management strategy. The survey will ask institutions to self-rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 in areas such as data governance, data quality management, metadata management, and data architecture practices. The survey will also offer the opportunity to present context to specific areas, and to indicate which areas are most critical to their success.

The results of the survey should lead to interesting discussion and hopefully provide institutions with data that can help them in their chosen data management direction. The data will provide the opportunity for an institution to see how it compares to its peers in terms of their individual data management maturity. It might also shed light on areas where institutions are experiencing common challenges in implementing or managing data management initiatives.

Longer term, the results could be used to highlight best practices that institutions have found to be successful, and offer opportunities for sharing of ideas and approaches among peers.

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