ITANA Face2Face Survey Results

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The survey results from the Face2Face are in with 28 out of 40 people responding.  Nearly half the respondents (46 and 44 percent respectively) said that the Case Studies and the Data Management sessions were “Really Useful”.  36% found the overall meeting “Really Useful” and 46% found it “Very Useful”.  The success of the meeting is reflected by number of people who said that they will “Definitely Attend” (29%) or “Probably Attend” (45%)  the next meeting.

The general comments were very positive:

“I really enjoyed the meeting and I do expect to be more involved with the group now that I know how to participate. It would be good if we could figure out a way to extend the collaboration. Maybe 1.5 day or a longer day into the evening. Seems like we just got to the meat and it was time to leave… working on a shared agenda together would be useful to build community.”

“Really well done. The F2F’s let me put faces to e-mail addresses. The discussions were very good, although I don’t think we had enough time.”

“Thank you to all those responsible for pulling this group together. As a newbie, it is extremely helpful.”

“This was my first F2F and I felt like I was in a room of competent, compassionate, and professional architects. Well done!”

Many respondents said that they would like to participate in follow-on activities: 23% said they would definitely help out with Data Management with 46% answering “I would like to” help out.  Architecture Case Studies came is second with 58% saying they would either “Definitely…” or “would like to” help out.  The EA Selling Points came in third.  Other suggestions from the survey included:

1.  SOA implementation examples.
2.  Would like to work on a resource directory on Architecture for the wiki.
3.  Let’s discuss OUTREACH activities, to show how EA can make a difference in fulfilling our mission. Also, I’d like to see some discussion on how EA leaders can influence HR decision-making on staffing, in the context of role-development and growing the awareness of potential career-path trajectories surrounding the EA role, as well as those roles impacted by EA.

The ITANA Face2Face meeting also raised awareness of the various ways that people could get involved in ITANA.  50% of respondents didn’t know about the EDUCAUSE CG Meeting.  Expected participation in the other areas (Conference Calls, Email List, Wiki and Web) jumped significantly (35 to 50% for Conference Calls, 27 to 60% for email list and 24 to 54% for wiki and web).

Outreach with other groups was also mentioned (and is part of the follow-on activities):

“It might be useful to consider a series of JOINT MEETINGS with various EduCause constituent groups, such as the CIO group, or especially, the STRAT PLANNING group. We tend to focus solely on our technical universe, and would benefit immensely by getting more visible stake in the game by being at the table in ”strategic planning/discussion forum“ events. This joint-meeting approach would help us raise the visibility of ITANA in various contexts, and would enable further discussion on how we can help resolve a number of (mostly non-technical) issues that impact our Enterprise Architecture vision.”

Attendees asked for more Working Groups and Discussion Sections in future meetings.  Presentations and Open Discussion Time coming in second.  Other suggestions included:  lightning talks, evening sprints and BOFS,  having the meeting span dinner, un-conference time with guidance, “barcamp” style un-conference where participants pitch sessions then indicate which sessions they will attend, break-outs of 20 people or less.  The general theme is that people want to get their teeth into something while they are at the meeting.  As we said in session, “we’ve now talked about doing something, now we wish we had time to do something”.

When and were to hold the next meeting was quite mixed.  The most for “More Likely To Attend” went to Before/After Advanced CAMP again (64%) but that might be self selection.  Next up was CSG (33%) followed by EDUCAUSE (31%).  Interestingly, EDUCAUSE had the second most “Less Likely To Attend” votes (15%).  The least favorable selection “Scheduled by itself as a one day meeting” – 41% said they would be “Less Likely to attend”.  More research will be needed here as well as the input from our sponsors.

Thank you all for your participation in the meeting and the survey.  If you would like to see the full summary of the results, you can download them here:

itana face2face survey summary pdf
ITANA Face2Face Survey Summary PDF

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