Hi All,

We have a date and time for the Constituent Group meeting at the EDUCAUSE meeting in October.

Octboer 25th, 2007
Time: 4:55PM to 6:00PM
Location: Seattle, Washington. The actual room location is TBD.


I.T. Architects in Academia (ITANA) is focused on the practice of I.T. and Enterprise Architecture (EA) in higher education. This session is a chance to meet others and to hear about our work so far. We will open with a review of the various ways that I.T. Architecture is implemented at higher education institutions and the methods that people use to engage with campus. Discussion will follow on various hot-topic issues such as: Service Oriented Architecture, EA Pain Points and Carrots – what do you offer good architectural citizens. We will also plan for future ITANA work. For more information about ITANA, see and our wiki at

If you are interested in participating/presenting, let me know. I email the ITANA mailing list often so you can find my email address there. You should also visit the wiki ( to see how this meeting is shaping up on the phone calls.

See you in Seattle,


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