New Year Update

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Hi All,

Welcome to 2007.

Internet2 has agreed to support the ITANA working group. They will provide a flywheel, collaboration tools (like a wiki) and web space (thank you Ken Klingenstein for your pushing on this). I’m still working with EDUCAUSE on the constituent group. The EDUCAUSE directors have agreed to host a constituent group and we are working out details. Things are moving slowly forward.

I met with Chris Mackie of the Mellon Foundation and we discussed the value of ITANA to organizations like Mellon. He seemed very interested in have a group that represents I.T. Architects in academia from around the country that they could reach out to for input on various initiatives.

Issues that are still up in the air:

* Finalizing the EDUCAUSE constituent group.

* Should we have a face-to-face meeting sometime soon?

* The relationship between this group the The Association of Open Group Enterprise Architecture

On another note: The Open Group is looking at an initiative to develop an educational agenda. “the Architecture and Academia Initiative is (initially at least) going to operate under the auspices of the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects and an Academic Partnership program.” They have planned a meeting in San Diego on January 31, 2007. Is anyone planning on attending?

Thoughts? Comments?

Jim Phelps

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