Presentations about I.T. Architecture

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I find that I have to explain what is I.T. Architecture and what does we do for the enterprise fairly frequently… actually – everytime I meet someone new. To help with those explanation and discussions in your enterprise, I gathered up a couple presentations on the topic:

Mark Poepping has a presentation about I.T. Architecture called WAG the DOGMA (on-line PowerPoint)

I have a presentation called I.T. Architecture. What is it and why isn’t 3 enough. (PDF Download)

In 2004, Tom Barton (U. Chicago) and Michael Gettes (Duke) hosted a discussion section at EDUCAUSE SAC. Their powerpoint can be downloaded from here: Architecting IT: The Role of Catalyzing Increased Coherence Across Systems and Services

Do you know of more? Let me know and I’ll post a link to them here.

– Jim

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